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Easy to use Drupal hosting, testing, and development platform, that is not just open source, but built in Drupal, PHP, Yaml, and Ansible making it extremely accessible and easy to collaborate.

Git powered deployments, unlimited environments, built in test running. Give each branch or bug fix a URL. Fire up new environments with a push of a button. Manage your users and their SSH keys with the same modules that itself uses.

Not just open source: built on Drupal means endless possibilities. Add any module. Integrate with any system. Customize your devshop to fit your specific needs with ease, because your team already knows Drupal.

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Terra CLI

  • Manage your Projects and Environments sites from the command line.

  • Launches environments with Docker. Other back-ends coming soon.

  • Great for localhost development.

  • Proof of concept. Core features and workflow to be considered as part Aegir 4 CLI.