Collaborative Configuration with DevShop, Aegir & Ansible Galaxy

With the release of the first beta of DevShop we completed the switch to using Ansible Galaxy Roles, which are open source, collaborative infrastructure. Up until the last alpha release, DevShop installed via it's own custom playbook.

Now, each component of DevShop is broken out into separate Ansible Galaxy Roles, extending Jeff Geerling's playbooks.

Our Mission is Easy Open Source Infrastructure

Software evolves over time as any technology. When people invent new things, they usually launch new businesses for those inventions. They patent them. They protect their intellectual property for as long as they can.

At some point, proprietary technology becomes so prolific, that the need for agreed upon standards becomes necessary. Edison wouldn't have sold nearly as many light bulbs if they didn't standardize the size of the sockets and the shape of the two prongs, among other more important things like voltage.

Our Core Values

This document will grow and change as our vision catalyzes.

Feedback is encouraged. We want to be as open as a company as we are with our software.


Software tools should be sustainable to use long term. Open source helps keep organizations sustainable by reducing costs and maintenance, but many tools end up requiring more maintenance and time.


Software tools should empower users to do more with less.

Less time. Less complexity. Less maintenance.